Frederickson Performance Centre

Frederickson Performance Centre in its two locations is one of the best-equipped fitness facilities in the world. We are committed to assisting our patrons in becoming functionally fit and as such work diligently to provide an environment in which that is possible.

Our 10,550 square foot fitness location at 1212 18th St. Brandon has a private training studio and a public fitness area providing state of the art regularly maintained equipment. In addition to traditional gym equipment we have the most advanced strength and conditioning equipment available. If you are elderly, injured, youth or professional athlete we have what is needed to accommodate your facility needs.

We have a private Athletic Therapy treatment room for assessing and treating acute and chronic injuries. We use state of the art rehabilitation modalities to assist you in recovery and therefore allow you to return to work or play as quickly as possible.

To complement our facility, we have a trend-setting clothing store that carries top quality athletic inspired apparel for men and women.

We also carry top quality nutritional supplements to serve the health and fitness needs of our clients.

Our new 1,800 square foot spacious studio is located on the 3rd floor at the South end of the Shoppers Mall. The new facility has an elite line of pneumatic power and speed training equipment used for group training. This equipment is designed for performance and is easy on joints and the body overall while providing maximum sport-specific outcomes.

At Frederickson’s we are proud of the fact that our most frequent comments from patrons is the cleanliness of our facility, the friendliness of our staff and the selection of our equipment. We believe that our clients deserve to be able to attain their fitness goals in a clean wholesome and well-equipped environment and we do our best to provide that for them.